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Advice on Storing your favourite cheese

You will find lots of information circling around about different ways of storing cheese. The Cheesemakers at Hunter Valley Cheese Factory have put together an easy quick guide with reasoning you can live by.. (and even impress your friends!).
Firstly, I recommend forgetting about the ‘cheese shelf’ in your refrigerator.
The vegetable draw at the bottom is best as it has a stable temperature and modulated air flow – this will prevent your precious purchase from moisture loss.
Another hot tip when storing is to avoid letting the cheese directly touch the surface of any plastic. I’m not saying don’t use cling wrap or a plastic container. Just wrap it in butchers paper or ideally waxed paper before wrapping in cling or using a plastic container.
Here are reasons why it is great to reduce the cling wrap cheese ‘hug’..
  1. Tight plastic wrapping will cause growth of bacteria – the kind we don’t want to see on our gorgeous cheese. Please note that this could be a food safety matter.
  2. Cheese obviously contains fats and some oils which means it is able to absorb the flavours and even chemicals from the plastic – Eck!
As you are rewrapping your cheese after purchase a must do is to cut the Best Before, Use By, Batch Number etc off the label and reattach it to your new wrappings.
Remember it is important to follow the Use By with fresh cheeses…
Such as our beautiful Marinated Riley’s Fromage Blanc or cottage, mozzarella, ricotta cheeses etc. In the case of Washed Rinds, Blue Vein and Cheddar cheese varieties, the best before date is there only as an indication for the consumer. Cheese is a preserved product so just like you might consume your jam past its stamped date, please use your own judgment whether to toss or consume. Our cheese team hope this makes life a little easier and helps keep your artisan cheese purchases a little longer. Call us anytime if you need a second opinion on 0249987744. Happy cheese storing and eating